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Welcome to Rain's Wellness - A focus on mind/body balance

Rain's Wellness is a practice that emphasizes the importance of balance in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual areas of your life. In essence, to focus on your overall health and wellness to promote a complete and confident you. Sessions are based on your needs and desires, hours are flexible, and confidentiality and trust are guaranteed!


Using the biopulsar reflexograph, a biofeedback technology device, an aura picture, chakra & full organ graph analysis are available.

In this relaxed, yet focused state, real changes can result. Old thought patterns and behaviors that just aren't working very well for you anymore are addressed. Take the first step to making the necessary changes to move forward. You decide, keep repeating the past or move past it.

Individual attention will be given to get you physically in shape. Cardio and strength training in a private setting is available. Let's get moving together!

Medway location office hours by appointment. - Click here for directions.

Please note: These services are not intended to treat or diagnose a condition, or to replace the care of your physician. Rain's Wellness is a complimentary office and in some cases a referral may be needed. These services are intended as a tool toward empowering you to take responsibility for your health and wellbeing.

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